The business-winning Aflac duck campaign that we created and led for over 12 years (including all aspects of digital and social media) is in textbooks, the Harvard Business Review and on the Advertising Walk of Fame. Aflac was a little-known brand with 30% awareness after having spent $40-$50 million a year for 10 years. In just two years of the duck campaign, awareness jumped to 92% and Aflac went from a $4 billion company to $11 billion. As Aflac’s  CEO told CNBC, “And all that changed was the advertising.” The campaign continues to this day.

Click here to see our interview for the Advertising Icon Museum. Below are some of our favorites from the campaign.



We were the creative directors of the relaunch of the Aflac website, to now include the unflappable Aflac duck throughout the engagement with the site. The duck served as a facilitator and educator  to help customers understand the benefits of Aflac. We created entertaining and interactive animated pages, with visitors learning more with each click-through. The success of this effort was immediate when it came to the additional time that people now spent on the site. The content was also incorporated into the duck’s Twitter feed and Facebook and Instagram pages. The website won two Webby awards, including a Webby People’s Choice award. It was also a Hive Award winner (User Experience), Hive Award Honorable Mention (Design)  and Telly Bronze winner (Use of Animation). Here is a sample of the 40+ animations on the site:


Social Media Cannes Winner: Finding The New Aflac Voice

From catastrophe to Titanium Cannes Winner. When longtime voice of the Aflac Duck, Gilbert Gottfried tweeted distastefully after the tsunami in Japan (where Aflac has 80 percent of its business), Gilbert was fired. How to save the duck and find it’s new voice? A huge multi-platform effort relying heavily on social media, resulted in a nationwide search for the next voice of the Aflac duck (meaning Tom and Eric listened to every single one of the 12,371 voice auditions!) before settling on one from Hugo, Minnesota.


After doing the Aflac duck consumer campaign for five years, we recommended a B2B campaign. Within months new account growth increased 10%. Midsize business accounts went up 20%.

B2B Print


Brokers Campaign

Brokers control a lot of the action in the insurance business. However, Aflac's business model was based on their own sales force driving sales. This resulted in a still-thriving relationship for Aflac and insurance brokers.


Brand Overview



This campaign targets women with overactive bladders where they live—in the bathroom.




















We created the business-winning "NAPA Know How" campaign. We extended “NAPA Know How” into a unique, ownable brand across all platforms for NAPA. After all, "Advance Auto Parts Know How”  doesn't quite have the same ring to it, or branding power.


We evolved the NAPA KNOW HOW campaign after three years with the introduction of a new, offbeat spokesperson. Who better than nearly-dead roadkill to have a birds-eye view and “know how” of cars in need of new auto parts?

Social/Experiential: Breast Cancer Signature Car

During breast cancer awareness month, we gave NAPA Nascar fans the opportunity to raise money and awareness by adding the name of a loved one who survived breast cancer, or lost their battle to it, to the actual #56 NAPA racing car. For each name, NAPA made a matching contribution to a charitable organization that helps fight breast cancer.



The actual #56 Toyota at Michael Waltrip Racing in Charlotte, N.C.

Real Sigs1.png
Real Sigs2.png


When Burger King was not happy with its AOR, it turned to the Kaplan Thaler Group for help. Here are two of our successful promotion campaigns.



What if an insurance company could inspire you to worry less and do more?  Liberty Mutual's way of insuring you was in freeing you up to enjoy more.  That's the freedom of Liberty.


This Cannes award-winner uses a simple demo to show that Milk of Magnesia really, really works.

















 was a new start-up in an already crowded field of fundraising platforms. We re-skinned their website and did all their branding and advertising, right down to their booth at NY Fundraising Day, which included hiring the Naked Cowboy that helped make Crowdster "stand out from the crowd."



With this business-getting campaign, the phrase "sometimes you have to hit people over the head to get their attention" certainly proved correct using the branding element of the Australian boomerang. We followed up with a celebrity campaign that leveraged Outback's exclusive Australian authenticity with comedian Jermaine Clement.



Unique print campaign for dental floss. 



Clairol’s Herbal Essences campaign of women having organic experiences in the shower (“Yes, yes, yes”) needed a fresh kick in its botanicals. We came up with the memorable “Urge to Herbal” campaign keeping the brand a feisty #2 to category leader Pantene.



"Making the world a better place to sleep" was the line of ours that won the business. And this emotional campaign proved Sleepy's set out to do just that, one mattress at a time.









The mnemonic we designed for Panasonic helped win the business. As did this memorable spot we made for the pitch.









For several years, we ran the Toys R Us business at Wells, and then helped bring it to The Kaplan Thaler Group as one if the new agency’s first new business wins. We came up with memorable image advertising and hard-hitting retail spots for “the biggest toy store there is. Gee Whiz”!



Banks are not built on assets, they are built on relationships. With the right relationship the world is wide open.


Unique, provocative platfiorms to promote Pepto-To-Go in places where people on the go would have to take notice.



















“Get Your Revlon On” was the winning pitch campaign that wowed the cosmetics giant (and Ellen Barkin's ex-husband CEO Ron Perelman). The line uses the name of the product as a call to action, and the brand is indelibly un-attachable from the theme line.












In these global unbranded campaigns, we make young adults aware of not just their risk for HPV, but HPV-related cancers.



The "Red Star" campaign, directed by David Fincher, celebrated the truth about the beer and “real” overheard conversations.











No one should have painful sex. And sometimes the reason why is the breakdown of vaginal tissue which this drug helps repair.